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Mission Services of Hamilton, Inc.

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Mission Services of Hamilton, Inc. is a Christian, non-profit, charitable organization whose purpose is to serve men, women and children in the greater Hamilton area in response to basic human needs and to support them in reaching their potential thereby fulfilling God’s call to act justly, to show mercy and to offer hope.

Company History

Mission Services was founded in 1956 as the Harbour Rescue Mission on James Street North in Hamilton. It was founded as a benevolent response to meet the needs of homeless men including those who were alcoholics.

The founder of Mission Services, Mr. Enos Bearinger, was a successful businessman and farmer, whose vision for these men became a passion, leading him to become part of the solution. Initially, with the help of volunteers from area churches, he was able to establish a modest men's outreach on James Street North which provided safe shelter, hot meals and friendship and other supports to homeless and alcoholic men. This location is now our Men's Residence.

As Mission Services grew it became apparent that a more comprehensive scope of services was needed to help break the cycle of homelessness, poverty and other problems. Motivated by its core values and beliefs, the organization could not ignore the intrinsic worth and dignity of all people and therefore expanded services to include entire families, women and children who were affected by poverty, abuse and homelessness. These services focused not only on crisis response and intervention but also on helping people realize their full potential.

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